Algorithim for Proportional Democracy (Meritocracy)

The premise of this endeavor is not to marginalize members of society. Our contention is that all people should have a say in government but not an equal say. The people that contribute more to society and value their responsibiliites as a citizen more than others should be given more access to government. Moreover, this equation does compensate for poverty, race and educational deprivation.

1. Check here if you have been convicted of a felony crime.


2. Enter your E.Q. score (1-10).


3. How many times have you voted in the last 10 years?


4. How many years have you been a registered voter?


5. How many children do you have under the age of 18?


6. Rule of 53 - Check here if you have made enough money to pay income tax to the federal government?



Total Votes: