Please provide a basic overview of your analysis and the algorithm will partially evaluate the effectiveness of your group's plan and rank them accordingly. The equation does not include the credibility points for the presentation and participation which represents a overwhelming majority of the points.

Please remember that this is an impossible problem that not even the brightest minds in the world can figure out. The purpose of this assigment is to challenge your ability to think critically, use evidence and defend your position persuasively. The only way that you can fail this exercise is if you put forth no effort or give up. Do your best - that is all I ask.

This assignment is worth 30 Points

Submission Deadlines:

All classes will need to submit plans by Friday, September 20th at 11:59 PM.

Socratic presentations for Country X will begin on Monday, September 23rd and 24th. Check this website for further details.


Class Period

Names of group members. Please include full names and a comma between each name.

Provide the basic political system that will be implemented in Country X.

Briefly explain how this political system will work.

Provide the basic economic system that will be implemented in Country X.

Briefly explain how this economic system will evolve/grow.

Describe the extent of your relationship with Country Y - meaning how will you interact or not interact with them as you move forward?

What percentage of your country's economic budget will be spent on the military over the next 10 years?

What is your policy towards religious freedom?


What is your policy towards other individual rights (i.e. freedom of expression)? Please explain?



What percentage of your government's budget will be spent on education?

How do you mitigate the ethnic tensions?


List the empirical data (historical evidence) that you provide in the defense of your solution. Please note that you don't have to fill in all of the boxes with examples. Whatever empirical data you use to support your position please list it here (i.e. Delian League, democracy in the US or Hitler's economic program in Germany)


In terms of years, how much time will it take to achieve social and political stability.