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Welcome to the NHS Student Government Website

The NHS Student Government (SG) is the main governing body for Newtown High School. We advocate for student rights, plan schoolwide events, fundraise for student activities, participate in community outreach programs and actively participate in a consortium of different student councils at the state level. If you listen to the morning announcements, attend a school wide dance, participate in a pep rally or donate blood at a Red Cross Blood Drive -you’ve encountered a Student Government member.  There are nearly one hundred active members as of the 2015/2016 school year.

 About eight years ago, this organization was comprised of eight students – two elected from each class.  We found the democratic elections to be exclusionary – meaning that elections were popularity contests, which in many cases the best candidates were left out.  In order to correct this problem, we transitioned to a meritocratic system that was as inclusive of all students.  Students fill out an application and submit to an interview by members of the executive board.  In most cases they are offered probationary membership in the SG – subject to full membership status at the end of their first year.  Their evaluation is based on the strength of their community service project, attendance at SG events and meetings as well as their willingness to be an active voice during meetings.  We are looking for active participants, not passive observers; leaders, not followers.  The SG supports many activities that will help to define and refine your leadership skills as there are a multitude of leadership positions available to you within this organization. Moreover, we regularly attend leadership conferences both at the state and national level to share ideas and gain insights into what other schools are doing to enhance student governance. We meet on Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:30 in the Lecture Hall (A107) If you are interested in joining please see Mr. Saladin or Mrs. Delasalla for more information.


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